So, you want women to swoon over you? You want to have them falling head over heels just to land a date with you? Or maybe you just want to get an ex back? Whatever the case, if you’re trying to be the next Brad Pitt, you need to know what traits women find attractive.

Without further ado, here are top 15 characteristics that will have the ladies chasing after you.

  1. You are a leader. Women are naturally attracted to men with power. There’s a reason why women want to sleep with the star quarterback of a football team – not the backup kicker. There’s a reason why women want to sleep with the lead singer of the band and not the bass player (no offense if you play bass!). The ability to lead and be powerful is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.
  2. You don’t let other people affect and change your reality – especially on an emotional level. Attractive women are used to seeing guys get emotionally flustered when they’re around them. But when they see a guy who is completely indifferent to them, they get emotionally flustered. You see, women have an incredible “Sixth Sense”: They’re very attuned to social subtleties. They can read your body language and decipher underlying truths of what you’re “actually” trying to say. And based on these factors, they can deduce how sexually needy you are.
  3. You don’t care what other people think of you. Look at Hollywood movies or the most popular TV shows and you’ll find the sexy male figures share this quality. It is very attractive, and can also tie in to the first two traits mentioned above (leaders aren’t afraid to buck a trend).
  4. You take care of yourself. Men in relationships tend to “let themselves go.” Being clean and handsome is easy and does wonders for creating attraction. Surprisingly enough, studies show that being well-groomed also means that you’ll be more successful in life and have more friends!
  5. You know how to provoke a positive emotional response in women. In other words, you know how to have fun. That means making her laugh. You’ve probably heard that humor is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs a man can possess. And, the majority of the time, if you ask a woman what she looks for in a man, there’s a very good chance that she’ll probably say “humor.” Use it!
  6. You are rich (and I don’t mean financially). You are culturally, mentally, and emotionally rich. Because of this, you are a selfless giver to the ones you love. You don’t give your value to people you don’t know and it takes a lot for someone to get into your “good books.” Since you have an abundance of value, you never need anything. Loser guys constantly ask for money and love, but “high-value” men never ask for anything. They are independent and strong.
  7. You are intelligent and talented. You have passions that extend beyond watching TV and playing videogames. Women are attracted to men that have a diverse array of skills. That means you love playing the piano. You sing. You dance. You can paint. You can juggle eight chainsaws simultaneously while you fish: in the dark! You get the picture.
  8. You are social. You’ve got a ton of friends and you are very socially “aware.” You love your friends and treat them with respect. In your eyes, your friends are of very high value and you don’t surround yourself with losers. You also know how to make friends easily.
  9. You have goals. You’re ambitious. No girlfriend wants a lazy and uninspired boyfriend. You need to know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it. Even something as little as announcing what you’re going to do that day – and then doing it – makes a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to share your goals with women. This is extremely sexy!
  10. Other women want you. When a woman sees that you’re with other attractive women, she is hard-wired to feel attraction for you. It’s called “pre-selection”. In other words, if a girl sees other women chasing after you, she’ll assume you’re an alpha male and join in chasing after you.
  11. You’re a bold protector of the ones you are closest to. That means you know how to take care of your friends and your family. You stick up for your friends and family through thick and thin.
  12. You’re always comfortable to be around. You aren’t constantly stressed out about your life. You’re always cool, calm, and collected. You usually have a calm and relaxed demeanor about yourself. People effortlessly get along with you and you rarely ever get flustered.
  13. You’re candid with women. You’re honest. Obviously, you don’t try and be someone you’re not and you stay truthful on all levels. Women can sense you’re faking it better than you can.
  14. You identify with women’s emotions. You know what she’s feeling and you know how to communicate with women on an emotional level effectively. Failure to know what a woman is feeling often leads to conflict.
  15. You are a man and you are strong, but you also have a sensitive side. Yes, for the most part you are a man that gets what he wants and is strong on every level – emotionally, intellectually, and physically – but sometimes you show some vulnerability. By occasionally showing your human side, you’re letting her know in an indirect way that she’s “winning you over.”

So, there you have it – fifteen traits that will transform you from “dud” to “certified stud”.

Best of luck!

Ricky Booth is a certified relationship counselor and author. His website offers advice on making your ex fall back in love with you.