Don’t settle for Mr. Good Enough – Mr. Right is waiting for you

Oct 29, 2016

12 (plus 1) Most kept secrets on “Finding Mr. Right” revealed

Women constantly undergo so much distress in the desire of Finding Mr. Right but at the end of it all, they end up falling for a Mr. Good Enough. Have you ever thought of having a relationship with a man you are not fully into? You like him and enjoy his company but there is nothing special you feel for him? Now that is what we term as settling for Mr. Good Enough. He might be funny, responsible, caring, loving, and good in bed but you are not attached to him or rather you aren’t “feeling him”. You might get trapped in such a relationship because of fear of the unknown. The misfortune is indeed that many women may stick around a man they don’t really love and have deep feelings for at the expense of actively looking for Mr. Right who is just perfect for them. You may have read articles or got advice to better go for “Mr. Good Enough” or “Mr Right Now” because Mr. Right does not exist? Ask yourself – Did you really try hard to find him and what tips to finding Mr. Right were you following?

1. Make a list which qualities you expect from your Mr. Right

Before thinking of finding your own Mr. Right, are you a Ms. Right yourself? First and foremost, have a list of what kind of man you would love to possess that title. First list every desirable quality – honest, sexy, and tall, short… second put them in your personal order – most important to least important. Then have them all with you and memorize each of them day and night to keep you on the lookout for the possible lucky man.

2. Explore yourself

The second of the tips to finding Mr. Right – work on your character. The most important thing is to transform yourself to an interesting, mature, kind, loving, and interested person. Embark on a career, get a hobby or travel a lot – you cannot be on a search to finding Mr. Right if you spend a whole day sitting on a couch gossiping or watching your favorite movie.

3. Accept yourself

Thirdly, one of the oldest tips to finding Mr. Right is to dress your body. Discover yourself and get what flatters your body most. I agree, we cannot all be models but everyone has one special feature that would attract a serious man. Do not overdress just to look sexy, get a makeover and pick advice from fashion blogs which will tremendously help you. Accept who you are and capitalize on it, and dress beautiful and be confident of your appearance.

4. Be patient

Fourthly, you should not expect too much so soon. Your quest for finding Mr. Right will lead you into meeting various men in your life. You will have to kiss many frogs for you to finally meet the right one for you. You cannot expect on finding Mr. Right by going to your first date. Take this positively and as a learning experience, out of every man you meet there is always something new to learn and they will show you what you really need for an ideal man.

5. Be Pro Active

During one of your errands you might spot a man you like, talk to him! You should not just let this chance walk away from you, gain some confidence and approach him. Make it natural, a simple “Hi” then look at his face expressions, is he smiling, looking at you or paying attention to what you are saying? This should help you figure out if he is interested. Mostly some of these tips to find Mr. Right are a success since you just managed to talk to someone you would wish to be your Mr. Right and you never know.

6. Date more

One of the best secret tip to find Mr. Right is to accept every date you are invited to. Do not just rule out a man because you did not like them from the first meeting, give him a chance by accepting to go with him on a date. You are able to know someone best by sitting with them and have an intense talk. Here their true self will automatically manifest. When you accept a lot of invitations, you will have a pool of men to choose from.

7. Date twice

Finding Mr. Right can be the hardest thing on this planet, but you will agree with me that it is fun meeting a different kind of men in your search. Think of giving at least each man you meet on a first date a second chance to redeem themselves. The first date is usually intense and high expectations run through your heads. So accepting to go on a second date with every man you meet, will definitely increase your chance of finding Mr. Right.

8. Consider every feedback

Get suggestions from your friends, colleagues and family on what type of a man you need. Take their feedback very seriously because they know you best and would probably want the best for you. Take every criticism and advice positively since they would also add up to your tips to find Mr. Right.

9. Try Blind Dates

Another awesome tip to find Mr. Right, setting up blind dates. You and your friends can decide to help those who are in a search to finding Mr. Right by organizing blind dates. Your friends might know someone who knows someone that they think you would match. Accept blind dates and see how they turn out. This can be done in house parties, church, wedding and not limited to coffee hookups. 

10.  Go where the men go

Nowadays the new trend has switched to hanging out at a place you think potentials of your kind spend their time and hey, they are great tips to find Mr. Right! It actually depends on with what your preferences are. You might decide to go and watch a live football match just with the intention of finding Mr. Right, attending cooking classes, clubbing, attending a church service, advancing in your education for Master’s degree or Ph.D. and so many more avenues.

11. Mr Right may not be Mr Perfect

When on a mission to finding Mr. Right, never expect a perfect man. We are all human. For you to think that you will find a man who is perfect and without flaws is overblowing your expectations. We are prone to making mistakes, so be on the lookout not to pick on his mistakes but rather help him to become the Mr. Right you need in your dating life. Learn to forgive and forget. Remember when in a mission to finding Mr. Right, that same man is out there and might be looking for a Ms. Right – you! If you are not a Ms. Perfect, then give the guy a break and let him be!

12. Again, be patient with yourself and your man

One important virtue you need on tips to find Mr. Right is patience. Be patient with yourself, the people you meet, and during the dating process. While on a mission to finding Mr. Right, do not be in a rush, less you make the worst mistake of your life. Do not make the men you meet feel that you are desperate and you want to get done with it no matter whom you fall for. Take it easy because you may also get hurt in the process and experience the worst feeling ever, do not rush! One of the greatest tips to find Mr. Right is to respect yourself and let the man do the calculations himself. Do not show him that you are desperate! 

Use Mindpower

Have you ever experienced that you get what you focus on? First there is your thought, you think about something you want to happen (or you don’t want) – and guess what? You will get exactly that. You won’t get it if you think of your goal just once or a few times, but if you think these thoughts regularly and consistently you finally will realize your goals and your dreams or your failures and life disasters. And this is true also for finding your ideal man. Be careful though what you wish for! Mindpower is extremely powerful. Formulate your thoughts positively and be very clear “This is exactly what I want”. Think of what you want, please, please do not focus on what you don’t want! 

Summing it up on tips how to find Mr. Right, there are good men out there who are also in need of a Ms. Right. Failing in your past relationships does not mean that you are bound to fail forever, keep trying. Settling for Mr. Good Enough might not be the best idea because it would be as a result of a hurried decision. I have given you the best tips to Find Mr. Right because I know what it feels not to be single and lonely. Learn to appreciate who you are and be proud of yourself. Some do not even concentrate on physical appearances, they study your behavior and how you carry yourself. 

So have faith that there is always a Mr. Right for each one of you. Finding Mr. Right has never been easy, take it easy with yourself and learn to get out of an existing relationship if you feel the man is not right for you. Do not stay in an abusive relationship just because you are tired of kissing many frogs. Take my tips to find Mr. Right seriously and enjoy the end results. All the best!

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