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Three vital tips for preparing for a first date

So, you’re meeting your date in two hours. There’s a good chance you’re a nervous wreck. Nerves are a natural part of playing the dating game, but they can also do more harm than good. Excess nerves can cause you to be someone you’re normally not while making a first...

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How to bring back the excitement into your relationship

No matter how much you love your partner and how much he or she loves you, at some point your relationship becomes a routine and may lose a lot of the initial eagerness. This usually happens if you both move together and share a house. You will share a lot of daily...

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Long-Distance Relationships: 4 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Long-distance relationships are hard to deal with even if couples may have successfully managed any difficulties. There would surely be challenges along the way that caused either or both the parties a great deal of stress or depression. Even so, with just an...

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How to Impress a Girl on a Date with Your Good Manners

Being a gentlemen helps being attractive in the eyes of girls. Their hearts are always captured by men with good manners, so if you want to impress a girl, you gotta make sure you always do those little things that may seem unimportant to you but, nevertheless, tell...

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It’s Time to Give Up On Mr. Perfect

While browsing a list of handsome guys on a dating site, it's easy to get whisked away by the idea of finding that perfect man who looks good, makes a ton of money and gives you everything you could ever ask for in life. The reality, unfortunately, is that everyone...

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Dating Women With Ease

Have You ever wondered what makes women go after certain men? So have I. By the age of 22 I was still a virgin. I dated a few women, but it didn't lead to anything more. Anytime I'd make a few female friends, it always ended up the same: I'd follow them around like a...

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