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8 Ways to Find Success with Online Dating

Now that you understand the rules for avoiding fake profiles, perhaps you'd like a more practical guide to getting a girlfriend online. Here are some examples with your online dating being a true success. Find the "right" her can be costly and also take time. But,...

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4 Main Causes of Relationship Failure

Have you ever wondered why such a large percentage of romantic relationships end up failing miserably? Ever thought that perhaps a significant portion of breakups might be preventable? In my experience, there are a few common things that typically derail...

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Chutes and Ladders of Love

Do you fancy a game of Chutes and Ladders? Bring your sweetheart along and hop onto this thrill-a-minute ride. Every roll of the dice would move you forward as different stages in your relationship appear. There are scores of ladders and chutes spread out on the...

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Marriage Proposal Fails and How to Avoid Them

As a marriage proposal planner at The Heart Bandits, I have helped tons of guys with proposal advice, ideas, and planning. There's nothing like being at an actual proposal and seeing a couple take the next step in their relationship. There are tears flowing (not from...

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5 Tips for Buying a Christmas Present for your Boyfriend

Knowing exactly what to people for Christmas is a gift in itself, particular when it comes to choosing for your partner. Do you opt for something expensive and extravagant? Or keep to something sentimental and priceless? If you need a little inspiration this winter,...

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10 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Is the "happy ever after effect" on the decline? More and more women are becoming disillusioned with previously acceptably boring but happy lives. There are some very common reasons that could send a women right out the front door and into the arms of somebody new and...

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Smile to Bag Your Mr or Mrs Right

A smile has the potential to be like an open door that warmly engages another person or it can be quite the opposite. The intention with which a smile is given and how it is received may match in sentiment or be miles apart. We may either attract the right partner...

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BBPeopleMeet – Serious Dating for the Big and Single

There is an element of surprise to meeting someone online that may be a cause of anxiety for those of us who are not stick skinny or perfectly proportioned. If you're like that and are looking for the best dating website, is the answer to your...

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9 Ways to Avoid Fake Profiles On Dating Sites

Guys who want to meet the right girl online, and have a future with the girl do have challenges. Some girls want to promote themselves as something they are not, or put up fake profiles to impress the guys.Sometimes, the age of the girl comes into play. Ages can make...

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