The Moving in Checklist: What You Must Ask Yourself Before Moving in With Your Partner

So you’ve been dating for a while and now things are moving into more serious territory. A generation ago you’d probably be talking about marriage but for 21st century couples, even those who consider marriage to be the long-term goal, an intermediate rung on the relationship ladder is often moving in with one another. Yet, to all intents and purposes, renting or buying a place together with your significant other is akin to marriage and if you want to avoid potential heartbreak then you need clarity to help you make the right decisions.

If it hasn’t already occurred to you then you should be aware that moving in and living with someone, even someone you love is difficult. The fact that so many couples end up divorcing should tell you that and just as no couple enters a marriage with the intention of getting divorced, so no-one moves in with their partner eagerly anticipating the subsequent break-up.

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Top Secrets to Becoming a Better Person Towards Relationships

Couple in a parkThe people we encounter in life make the most bearing in our existence. Maintaining a genuine, honest, and fruitful relationship with family members, friends, relatives, and coworkers are critical towards achieving a satisfying and joyous life. But how can one become a better person to their connection or relationship with others? Given the persistence and willingness to learn, one can become a better person towards a relationship.

Your Impact on Others

Most do not realize how important they are to their family member, friend, or relative. Keep in mind that everything you speak and act has an impact on others, be it positive or otherwise. Even total strangers and bystanders are affected when you argue with the cashier or honk the horn because the car in front of you stopped at a green light. Knowing how you impact others will enable you to spread your time and effort on the people that really matter. Furthermore, it will serve as a reminder to think twice before doing anything that could impact the person.

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Long-Distance Relationships: 4 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Long-distance relationships are hard to deal with even if couples may have successfully managed any difficulties. There would surely be challenges along the way that caused either or both the parties a great deal of stress or depression. Even so, with just an unwavering patience and trust mixed with their undying love for each other then they would certainly last. To help out these couples, here are some advices to keep their bond strong even if the distance between them seems so far away.

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Top 5 Gifts Men Should NOT Buy Their Girlfriend for Christmas

Believe me guys… This little guide might help you get your relationship past Christmas avoiding any discussions on ‘Is that how much you love me? You bought me the cheapest perfume from the drug store at the corner? SERIOUSLY?’

A bad Xmas present

Don’t lie, this has surely happened to you at least once. Therefore, I have listed down couple of NO-GO Christmas presents for your girlfriend, as there are already tons of resources on ‘what to buy your girlfriend for Christmas… bla bla bla…

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Every Man Knows That a Frying Pan…

Every man knows that about frying pans...

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10 Tips for Online Dating

With so many people online, it’s no wonder that the internet is now one of the most popular ways to meet someone you might be interested in dating. An enormous number of dating websites, millions of members, and the convenience and comfort of searching for love online are just a few of the reasons it’s become so commonplace in today’s high-tech society. If you’ve decided to give online dating a try, there are a few pointers you might want to keep in mind that are sure to make your experience with it more successful. Featured for you here are ten of them.

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First Date Confidence Boosters

The dating world can be rough-rife with rejection, people still clinging to their ex and bad matches to name a few issues. Our ego is easily bruised and we are particularly vulnerable when it comes to romance and dating. With each new person we meet, that spark of hope that this may be the one burns strong. We may get very anxious, hoping the person will like us. We all have confidence issues to some degree and it is natural to be a bit nervous but when it is more extreme, it can really hamper our efforts at finding love. Here are some tips to boost confidence on that first date that worked well for me when I was out on the dating scene.

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3 Keys to Relationship Happiness

Advice abounds on what it takes to have a happy relationship, covering all different areas of the union. Some of the advice is not so great, as it is based on narrow definitions of what a relationship should be like. Some of it is pretty solid, as it addresses core issues that need to be in line for any two people to get on well, especially if they are in a romantic relationship.

I enjoy writing about personal development and ways people can be happier, which has been gleaned from my experiences on my own journey and while I am no expert or guru, I think my inner work has helped me in sustaining a very good romantic relationship. I would like to share what helps me and my loved one be a strong, happy, couple and while I am imperfect and do not take my own advice every time, I do it enough to make things good!

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

It can be really difficult to deal with the pain of a break up and maintain a cool head when it feels like your relationship is falling apart. Despite this panic mode that ensues, when you feel like you want to do anything it takes to hold onto her, it’s crucial that you step back and do nothing at all.

This is known as the no contact rule. It’s helpful to implement it in order to give both of you much needed space. During this period of absence you should focus your attention on you in order to build the vital self confidence that is necessary to re attract your ex.

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4 Things That Ruin Happy Relationships

Although there are many reasons that relationships can go sour, for the most part, when an otherwise happy relationship starts to falter the reasons may not be so clear. Sometimes the reason could be large and obvious, but most of the time the problem is the culmination of many small things, some of which the couple didn’t even realize were an issue. Here are four things that might be secretly causing stress in a relationship, as well a few practical tips on how to overcome them:

1. Familiarity

One of the sure fire ways to kill a happy relationship is to grow too familiar with each other. It is one thing to find someone that you can be yourself around; that is one of the most beautiful things in the world. However, it is another thing to start taking that person for granted and showing this familiarity and lack of respect in ways such as forgetting to do the little things that make your partner happy, getting so comfortable you feel you can “be gross” around him or her, or letting yourself go and not keeping up your physical appearance or health.

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