Ten Golden Lesbian Relationship Advices Happy Couples Know About

Jun 21, 2016

No matter what your orientation–lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or plan hetero–when in the troughs of young love it always seems like it will last forever. But what does it really take to create an enduring utopian bond to stand the tests of time? Here are ten lesbian relationship tips to aid your lesbian romance as you brave the road ahead in search of your own personal paradise.

1. Keep Things Personal

You should know women are very sensitive to their personal secrets and many find it difficult to trust, especially other women. When she confides in you, be it a family issue or a sexual desire, as a lesbian dating rule; do not tell friends or co-workers, keep it between the two of you. Well this sounds obvious, however often in a chat with our friends words slip out quicker than we think – so be cautious.

2. Don’t Assume

Everyone has a tendency to expect things from each other such as when they will be home each night or what mood they will be in. Don’t make the assumption that she will be the same all the time or she should just know the things you like or dislike. If an issue arises, talk about it with her. This doesn’t mean tell her once and expect her to follow, she is your girlfriend not your pooch.

3. Never Loose Your Spark

Keep your relationship genuine and meaningful by showing your appreciation often. Plan an outing all about her or give her a small gift. Even a sincere compliment can go a long way to keep your lesbian romance blooming. How often do we take things for granted and our relationship slides into “boring normal”? Little sparks here and then can make such a difference. We know that – 100 times we got this relationship advice before – just do it.

4. Move On

If you have a disagreement about something in the past do not bring it up again, especially if it was a mistake on her end. Never through it back in her face, no matter how validated it makes you feel. Is it really worth to risk your intimate lesbian relationship over little hick ups which occur always from time to time? See the bigger picture in your loving relationship, get over yourself and move on.

5. “L” is For Language

In any romantic relationship, how clearly you communicate with your significant other can determine the longevity of the union. You should honestly share your fears and weaknesses with your lesbian love. Likewise, listen to hers with care and devotion. Keep in mind that not everyone shows intimacy the same way and it takes time to nurture. Only if you listen to her language patiently, open minded and unprejudiced you will really understand your partner.

6. Admit Not Omit

Another good LGBT rule of courting is to readily divulge your own mistakes. Let her know when you believe you were out of line and don’t let things simmer just because she hasn’t directly asked you about it.

7. Open Doors and Building Blocks

Remember that you are creating a life with your girlfriend, so while it is good to have your own ideas, caution to not leave her in the dark about your plans. Sit down periodically and discuss your future as a couple. Find out ways you can achieve your common goals together as well as what you may be able to do to help her reach her own personal objectives.

8. Sexual Enthusiasm

You guessed it, SEX! Attend to your girlfriend’s erotic needs and wishes and make sure to be open about your own even if you think she will not want to try it. Being comfortable confiding your deepest desires with her will not only make sexy times more enjoyable but will also bring you closer.


9. Personality

In the beginning, it would seem the closer you are to your lesbian sweet heart the better your relationship will be. However, as time goes by it can become difficult to distinguish who you were before you met to whom you are in the relationship. Losing these personal traits can make one or the both of you become anxious at your loss of self. Always give her that much needed alone time and don’t forget to take a step back if necessary. Pro tip: Be attentive with your affection, not compulsive.


10. Special Dates

Making romantic time for your lesbian lady is definitely a must for a lasting bond. Start a monthly, weekly, or even daily tradition with your partner. Bike riding, volunteering, attending a special event you enjoy and so on will create an ongoing ritual that will help you stay in-sync even with the most hectic of schedules.

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With these lesbian relationship tips you now have the wisdom needed to cultivate a romance for you and your love for many years to come.

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