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Dear fellow bloggers!

We position ourselves as a community hub for daters where they can find love and romance advice, and honest reviews of popular dating sites, e-books or related services. If you consider yourself a dating and relationships expert, and think you have valuable information that would be interesting to readers of AskTheRomanceExpert.com, you may submit a guest post to our blog. Please use the “contact us” form to send us the title of your article and short excerpt from it and we will get back to you if we find it worth publishing.

Our guidelines:

  • Your article should have a minimum of 700 words and be related to dating, romance, marriage, building relationships, improving love life etc.
  • We prefer “How to…” or “10 sure-fire ways to…” kinds of articles, i.e. your text should offer help and advice to readers.
  • Your content must be useful and original. Do not offer us garbage that can be found in any article directory.
  • You must own the site that you will be promoting through the guest post and you are allowed to have a link to your site in the byline..

Again, please only contact us if you have something specific to offer. Happy writing!