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10 Signs He’s Perfect

Guy’s watch out !
What a brilliant and funny video. What I always like to say – “don’t take yourself so gd seriously !!”

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Watch What You Say: Three Things to Avoid Saying On a Date

It's no secret that men and women are often very different when it comes to how they interpret verbal and physical cues. In many ways, we're simply wired differently. This is one reason why the first few dates are always a little nerve-wracking. It's easy for both the...

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Simple Tips for First Date Success in Online Dating

In the world of online dating, the first date should be treated differently than real world dating. There's a limit to the level of connection you can make across emails, texts, and phone calls, and it's only when you're in person that you can tell if you have actual...

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Four Crucial Red Flags to Watch Out For Online

Getting to know a potential partner on an online dating site is risky business. There's so much both parties need to learn about each other. Establishing trust is more important than ever in a world where not everyone is who they seem.To help protect ourselves, we...

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