Is the “happy ever after effect” on the decline? More and more women are becoming disillusioned with previously acceptably boring but happy lives. There are some very common reasons that could send a women right out the front door and into the arms of somebody new and exciting.

1. Not Again!
Being with one person for a long period of time can lead to the bedroom bore. A monotonous sex life is at the root of most affairs. The prospect of the same position, same time, same bed, same room week in and week out can be just too much to bear. It was ok in the beginning but now it is nothing more than a chore. There has got to be more excitement to be had elsewhere.

2. Who Am I?
A mother can lose her identity after her children are all grown up. Having spent more years than she would like to remember giving birth and bringing up baby, a woman’s days and nights of being on 24 hour call are non-existent now. She is no longer that pillar central to everyone’s well being. Possibly going unnoticed by the 9-5 husband who’s life hasn’t changed at all, a redundant mother can wonder who on earth she is now that her life is her own again. All that time on her hands cannot be a good thing.

3. Remember Me?
There has to be more to life than the continual tedium of the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing conveyor belt! A woman’s work is never done or so it would seem. So long as she is ready and waiting at bedtime, enthusiasm at the ready, life is still sweet for an oblivious and unsuspecting husband. An unappreciated woman is a dangerous woman who will seek attention elsewhere if she is so inclined.

4. Is It a Mid-life Crisis?
As the years roll on, it can feel like life is passing you by at the speed of light. A common fear for some woman that the excitement in life has gone and the all too familiar panic that it may never come your way again is a frightening reality. Some can cope with these feelings more than others. The grass must surely be greener but all too often it just proves to be the opposite and sadly by this time it’s just too late to turn back.

5. Kiss Me Quick
For so many women it is the emotional fulfillment that they seek in a relationship and not just the sexual gratification that men seem content with. A kiss and a cuddle is worth far more than sex to many women. Unfortunately the majority of men are hopelessly unaware of this leaving their partners dangerously craving affection. How blissful would it be for a bedtime kiss and cuddle to be just what it says on the label, without the usual sexual connotation? To avoid bedtime until the sound of snoring drifts down the stairs is sometimes the best remedy!

6. Do I Have a Life?
If a woman spends her time in the home, day in day out, life can become boring, just one big routine. If that bored and unappreciated woman decides it’s time for a change, all kinds of problems could ensue for her oblivious partner. A little independence goes a long way. A job for instance will rebuild her self-confidence and give her a purpose again, meeting new and appreciative people along the way! A new health regime and appearance could be the answer. This in turn leads to a new social life with new friends leaving the constant craving for her husband’s attention behind her. Freedom is the answer.

7. Excitement
Sometimes it can just be the thrill of the chase, nothing more and nothing less. A happily married woman can keep her marriage alive just by feeling attractive to others. Flirty messaging or a date or two could be all that is needed to boost a sagging ego. To feel beautiful and wanted again can be like a drug. A nagging feeling that a full-on affair could ensue is the biggest risk that some women are willing to take.

8. How Much?
So many relationships come to a grizzly end when the money runs out. The pressure just proves too much in the relationship. If the job goes, so does the self-respect. If a man loses his self-respect he can lose so much more too. His whole personality can change and when this happens it can become a very unhappy home, which in turn can lead to a very unhappy marriage, taking the patience of a saint to endure. Sadly, resentment and jealousy lead to disharmony and the thought of a simpler and happier life with somebody else is far more appealing.

9. Grow Apart
To stay with one partner forever is a huge commitment. For some it is the concrete of life and all they could ever ask for. For others it sadly becomes a bad habit and as with all habits it is hard to break. One sure way to drive a woman into another man’s arms is to let yourself go. A man who has lost his way with his appearance is on to a loser. Sadly though some couples just drift apart. The lust disappeared a long time ago and love is diminishing along with the respect. Different hobbies and different friends lead to the need for a different life altogether.

10. Revenge!
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. To find out that a partner is cheating is the ultimate betrayal in some women’s eyes. The humiliation of knowing that your partner has found someone else more attractive and prefers to spend his time with her is just too much to endure. It is not very surprising then to learn that revenge can sometimes be very sweet. The trust has gone and the only way is to get even.

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