There is a lot of dating advice floating around out there and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which tips to follow and which to ignore. Dating tips aren’t one size fits all, but it’s safe to say that the following five common dating tips should be deleted from your memory permanently.

These are the top 5 dating tips that you should ignore.

1. Women should always wait for the guy to call. Why should men have to do everything? If a woman wants to call a guy and ask him to dinner, he’ll probably be thrilled to have the pressure taken off of him. Problems arise when women keep pursuing a man who isn’t reciprocating-at this point, it’s best to stop calling and let him come to you.

2. Playing hard to get always works. There’s a huge difference between someone who has their own life and interests, who doesn’t seem desperate for a relationship and brings a lot to the table and someone who is simply playing hard to get. Somewhere along the way we’ve begun to associate being available with something negative. If a man asks you out for Friday night, you’re supposed to dance around it and say you’re busy…even if you’re not. But why? Pretty soon these kind of games get exhausting, and eventually your date will get sick of the game.

3. The best dates are the most expensive ones. How much money a date spends on you is not a direct reflection of how good of a date it is. Some of the best dates are free or at least extremely cheap-think getting a cup of coffee and walking along the beach and offer the most opportunities for bonding. Sitting at a stuffy, fancy restaurant where you can’t relax and be yourself isn’t always the best option, and relying on money won’t get you far.

4. You will know how you feel about someone the moment you meet them. Love at first sight seems theory. No doubt it’s definitely happened to many people, but it’s more likely than exception, not the rule. First impressions are crucial, but just because someone doesn’t make you weak in the knees the moment you meet them doesn’t mean they should be counted out. Sometimes people are nervous or shy, at first, especially if this is your first meeting and maybe talking to them and spending more time with them was all you needed to develop more of a connection.

5. Hooking up on the first date is always a bad idea. While it is always best to establish a foundation as a couple before getting physical, if you do get physical with someone on a first date it doesn’t mean that you’ll never hear from him again. Relationships don’t develop in a strict pattern and different things work for different couples. If you do things out of order and it’s working for you, don’t second guess yourself!

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