Couple in a parkThe people we encounter in life make the most bearing in our existence. Maintaining a genuine, honest, and fruitful relationship with family members, friends, relatives, and coworkers are critical towards achieving a satisfying and joyous life. But how can one become a better person to their connection or relationship with others? Given the persistence and willingness to learn, one can become a better person towards a relationship.

Your Impact on Others

Most do not realize how important they are to their family member, friend, or relative. Keep in mind that everything you speak and act has an impact on others, be it positive or otherwise. Even total strangers and bystanders are affected when you argue with the cashier or honk the horn because the car in front of you stopped at a green light. Knowing how you impact others will enable you to spread your time and effort on the people that really matter. Furthermore, it will serve as a reminder to think twice before doing anything that could impact the person.


There are tons of people you will meet, and a limited amount of time to spend on them. From elementary to employment, you will meet new people and befriend many others along the way. It is important to prioritize your time by giving more of your time and attention towards people that really care about you and less on people that are fake.

For example, spend more time with genuine friends that has been with you from childhood rather than sticking with other “friends” that seem to like you for your resources and not the actual you. Though prioritizing won’t exactly help you become a better person and may even set you up as a jerk at times, it does enable you to become a better person towards relationships that do deserve the best of you.

Think Before Speaking

This is often the cause of many arguments and broken relationships. Not thinking before you say something can hurt the feelings of a person in such a way that the relationship diminishes. Remember, words are very powerful and sharp weapons. Speak your mind only when it is appropriate and not hurtful to others. This will help preserve your relationships for the long term.


Communication is key to any relationship. Whether it’s your friend, best friend, spouse, coworker, relative, of your own family, it is vital to keep lines of communication open at all times. Through communication, both parties involved in the relationship are able to identify problems, sort out priorities, resolve issues, and further strengthen their relationship. When working on your communication, make sure you practice give and take. The manner in which you relay information will also play an important role in any relationship.

Help Without Anything in Exchange

According to Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. For example, if your friend comes from a poor family, you should consider helping him/her even if you know that such deeds will not reap anything. This not only builds character, but also builds a long lasting relationship.

Seek Guidance

If you find yourself lost or having problems understanding yourself or your relationship towards others, try seeking help of a psychologist. There is a number of advisers that offer invaluable advice towards these kinds of problems.

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