If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably at least somewhat suspicious of your boyfriend.  You may not have any surefire reason to think he might be cheating on you, or you may already be fairly certain…. either way, this article will help you identify any potential infidelity.

Before we dive into the signs you should look for in your boyfriend, keep this in mind:  it’s natural for both men and women to feel jealous in a relationship, especially if you haven’t had time to build trust with one another.  And even if you do trust your boyfriend, you can still sometimes feel that jealousy anyway – it’s just human nature.

Given the explosive potential of a confrontation with your partner regarding infidelity, you’ll want to be very certain of your boyfriend’s cheating ways before you even consider accusing him to his face.

Now, what are some signs that indicate your man might be cheating on you with some other chick?

Five Telltale Signs That Indicate Your Man Is Cheating On Your With Some Other Girl

1. He’s overly protective about his cell phone and/or computer.  There’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend wanting privacy, and he should be allowed to have a sphere of privacy. But if he’s got a password lock on his cell phone – or if he’s always a bit secretive about who he’s texting or talking to on the phone – then it may indicate something fishy is going on.

2. He goes “missing” regularly and doesn’t have legitimate reasons.  Again, sometimes your boyfriend may just be stuck at work until the wee hours of the morning… but if that sort of excuse pops up frequently, and he doesn’t offer any real details of where he’s going, it may indicate he’s hiding something.  (Don’t accuse him until you’ve had a chance to hear his explanation, though.)

3. He hangs out with friends you’ve never met. If you and your boyfriend have been dating for a while, you’ll probably have met his close friends and family. He may have some new buddies that he recently met at work that haven’t met you yet, and that’s fine, but be wary if he’s regularly meeting up with “friends” you’ve never met or spoken to. (An easy way to probe further without accusing him of something is to suggest that you tag along next time to meet these friends.)

4. He often seems distracted or disinterested. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for a man to be stressed or distracted, but if it is a regular thing with no real explanation, then it might be a sign of something fishy. If he’s thinking about someone else or anticipating their call/text, he may seem antsy and apprehensive.

5. He gets very defensive or panicked when you question him.  If you’ve casually asked what the project was that kept him at the office until 11pm and he quickly brushes off the question and tries to dance around the subject, that’s a clear indication of a possible lie. This may be the case if you ask about his “friends” or question who he was texting back and forth with last night…

If you recognize several of these signs in your man, it may be time to dig a little deeper… but then again, these aren’t 100% accurate, so it’s never a good idea to accuse him of cheating unless you’ve got a very good reason. If only one or two of these appear to apply to your situation, then it’s likely your boyfriend isn’t hiding much… but just to be certain he’s not hiding anything, keep an eye out for other signs in the list above.

All the best for a healthy and happy relationship!

About The Author:  Jessica Raymond, a certified relationship counselor, is chief editor at Love Learnings.com.  She often writes about breakups and resolving relationship conflict.