No matter how much you love your partner and how much he or she loves you, at some point your relationship becomes a routine and may lose a lot of the initial eagerness. This usually happens if you both move together and share a house. You will share a lot of daily habits and the excitement of seeing each other turns into an everyday thing. For a lot of people, this is a huge problem and they fear that their relationship may get broken because of this. Here are seven hints to help you to overcome this situation.

Hints to refresh your relationship:

Hint 1: Find a new hobby for both of you
A new hobby comes along with a lot of great things. You are spending your time together and meet new people you both get to know. Seeing the same faces at work, in your sports club or at parties may bet boring after a while. A new hobby also will give you something exciting to do and get to know each other even better!

Hint 2: Redecorate your house
Routines make you be in the same rooms for the same activities every day. Sunday evening: Watching TV on the couch. Monday morning: Breakfast in the kitchen… Relocate your bed, your couch, your TV or your dinner table. Also giving your walls a new paint is a thing you both can do together.

Hint 3: Freedom
Everyone needs a little bit of freedom to feel happy. You both should have your free days that you spend completely alone or with your friends. You don’t want to see your partner at this day. This way you both can have some privacy and do something for yourself! It also is important to take care of your friends, even if you met the love of your life!

Hint 4: Have your special day
At least once per month you both should have your special day. Make it the first Saturday of the month for example and spend it together. One of you should organize this day and it is a good idea to rotate this duty. Rent a hotel room, prepare something special at home or plan a short trip. It doesn’t matter as long as you have something you can look forward to and have fun together!

Hint 5: Surprise your partner
Surprises are the key to success and they can contain of really everything you can think of. Make her a little nice present, pick a flower on your way home, bring breakfast to her/his bed, get a new hair style, take him/her out to a picnic, bring him/her some chocolate to work or put a note on your fridge saying “I love you!” Do something your partner doesn’t think of.

Hint 6: Get another first date
A very funny gesture is to invite your partner to another first date. Try to be as nervous as you were on your very first date. Plan the rendezvous, wear your best clothes and treat your partner like someone very special.

Hint 7: Make a new experience together
Do something together with your partner! Something you will always remember. You could have a parachute jump, do bungee jumping, house running, a rafting tour, climb up a mountain or whatever comes to your mind. Make sure to take some pictures (You could do a collage for her next birthday).

This post is contributed by Lia.