Do you fancy a game of Chutes and Ladders? Bring your sweetheart along and hop onto this thrill-a-minute ride.

Every roll of the dice would move you forward as different stages in your relationship appear. There are scores of ladders and chutes spread out on the board, but you’d need more than just a dice roll to conjure one of those up. A ladder is hard earned, and can only be constructed through persisting, time-tested efforts, while a chute can spring up merely via lack of interest, or something similarly minor.

As you move ahead in your journey with your partner, you would realize that once the seriousness in the relationship kicks in, the progression in the relationship gradually becomes more difficult. But you never know, one productive vacation with your darling can lift you up to the ‘engagement’ stage. On the contrary, a howler a step away from getting married can throw both of you down to the very beginning of the relationship. It’s a long, tricky road ahead, before both of you eventually say “I do”.

This infographic “Chutes and Ladders of Love” is provided by mobistealth