We have all heard of Craigslist. It is a blossoming online marketplace where faceless strangers meet to sell their engagement rings after the wedding doesn’t pan out, give away their dog because they just don’t have enough time to feed it, and where anyone can begin their topless dancing, food demonstrating, or surrogate mother career just by sending your resume and a head shot. If you take a moment to imagine the types of people who are sitting down at borrowed computers in dark hallways to post these ads, would you ever consider dating them? Of course you wouldn’t and here is why.

Many replies to personal ads are not even real people. They are spammers out recruiting lonely hearts for pay to chat sites, and once they have your personal email address they will never stop trying to entice you.

There are strange folks thumbing through the ads who will offer you services you didn’t even know people could be in the market for… would you like to be painted in the nude or be paid to clean a house dressed like a french maid? Put up an ad on Craigslist looking for a loving caring relationship and just wait. They will find you.

Craigslist has no crazy person filter. Anything posted on the website can be seen and responded to by anyone; absolutely anyone. Imagine walking into Walmart and yelling as loud as you can, “Hey, everyone! I am single and I like Van Damme movies!” And then just waiting to see who swings by to take your business card. That is Craigslist. Craigslist is the Walmart of online dating.

Don’t post your vital information next to a forum supporting venereal diseases. Choose a site devoted to matching singles for long lasting relationships and not one where people meet to give away their old pants.