While browsing a list of handsome guys on a dating site, it’s easy to get whisked away by the idea of finding that perfect man who looks good, makes a ton of money and gives you everything you could ever ask for in life. The reality, unfortunately, is that everyone has faults. Yes, everyone. Even your best friend’s seemingly-perfect husband has faults.

It’s natural to hope for that perfect, fault-less man while you’re first getting your feet wet in the dating world, but there comes a time and place to realize that Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as perfect. However there are men out there close to perfect, there are men out there striving for perfection – let’s call them Mr. Right ! In the long run, those two qualities actually mean more than perfection.

When considering potential partners, it’s best to realize that you’ll have to give up on finding a perfect boyfriend and become willing to slide on a few categories. The guy who’s perfect in the looks category might be kind of an idiot, but that guy who’s moderately handsome and is also a business owner might be a better fit. Ask yourself which faults you have an easier time accepting and work from there.

It’s important to learn to accept faults in others because we, ourselves, also have faults. Relationships are all about compromise and learning to accept and embrace the faults in each other. Without those acts of compromise and the desire to learn how to accept and embrace each other as-is, a relationship is doomed to fail. It’s as simple as that.

That learning process is also one of the reasons why new relationships are so fun. Everyone is different and strives for different things. As we learn about a new partner and learn to accept their faults, we learn more about ourselves in the process. We learn how to strive forward and become a better person. That, in the end, is far more important than finding Mr. Perfect.

Besides, Mr. Right is so much better in bed than Mr. Perfect.

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