You can have a great time even on cheap datesMoney does tend to make life a little easier, but it’s not a necessity to have a great date. For little to no cash outlay you can plan and execute something amazing by taking advantage of the world around you. Going cheap often requires more effort in research and planning, but you’ll find that doing the work ends up impressing your partner more than spending money would, leading to a far better experience for the both of you.

Use the Natural Beauty Around You

No matter where you live there’s bound to be accessible natural beauty. This can be as simple as a lake or the ocean, or as wondrous as a gorgeous mountain. Grab a blanket, pack some food, and find a spot with a view and you have an insanely cheap date that can be as romantic as anything else available to you. Make sure your spot is quiet so you have alone time with your date and you’ll connect beautifully. When planning dates in beautiful spots make sure that you try something new as often as possible. Once you’ve been to the same spot a few times it will lose its magic.

Museums are Cheap and Fun

Every city has a museum or two and some are stuffed with dozens. They’re almost always cheap or free and filled with unique items. Even if you’re not particularly interested in art, artifacts, photography, etc, you can have a good time wandering around and talking about what you see. You could have a great time making fun of everything (a modern art museum is great for this) if you so choose. Most museums bring in new exhibitions from time to time, so there’s a good chance something you’re genuinely interested in will come through. Check in from time to time to keep up on what’s coming.

Gatherings with Friends are Usually Free

We all want to spend time alone with the ones we love or wish to fall in love with, but it’s good to hang out with your friends and introduce them to your boyfriend. The added benefit is that it’s almost always free or comes with the cost of a bit of food and wine. Everyone shares stories, laughs, and you all bond in a beautiful way. Plus, your significant other can learn a great deal about you through the friends you have and how you interact with them.

Never let a lack of funds keep you from dating or having fun on dates. You don’t need to order a pizza and watch a movie on the couch every time. No matter where you live you have the means to explore new things, see the world, and do it all for little to no money.