If you are someone who is deeply invested in making sure that the wedding ring you pick is the one that will make you happy no matter when you look at it, there are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind. The truth of the situation is that there is no one perfect wedding ring; there is only the wedding ring that is perfect for you! Remember some of these tips when you head out for the jewelers.

When Can You Wear Your Wedding Ring?
The common trope about wedding rings is that they are of course worn all the time. In movies, taking them off is only a sign of great distress or disaster. In real life, however, you may not be able to wear your wedding ring all the time unless it follows a few important rules. If you work with machinery, for example, you must be ready to take your wedding ring off every day before work, or it must need to be made of very soft gold, which will tear away rather than taking your finger off with it in the case of an industrial accident.

The Metal Question
Gold is the most common metal that is used for the wedding band, but you will find that it is not the only one that can be used. If you prefer something with more visual interest, you can choose a gold that is mixed with copper to produce rose gold, which is a soft pinkish color, or white gold, which looks more silvery. Don’t forget that you can also use metals that are inset with bands of precious stones or even wood to create a more diverse, more interesting appearance.

Think About Engraving
When you want to make sure that your wedding ring is something that only you and your loved one share, consider getting it engraved. An inscription that is engraved around the inside of the band can refer to a quote that you both love or it can speak to a moment that you two have shared together. This is something that can go a long way to helping you keep your rings unique.

Try On Rings
Wedding bands actually come in a wide variety of shapes as well as sizes. When you go to the jeweler, make sure that you try on a number of different rings. For example, a flat band is fairly common, but many people do not find it particularly comfortable. Instead, look for a ring that has a soft edge and a gently rounded profile. Rings with a curved profile can still sit fairly flat to the hand, making it much more comfortable for you. Do not buy a ring that does not sit well on your hand.

Consider what you want out of a wedding ring and make sure that you choose one that suits you. The more thought and effort that you put into choosing a ring, the more pleased you will be with it as time goes on.

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