If you fall into the same routine you are bound to end up with a headache when your spouse starts complaining that your relationship has become boring and not that romantic anymore. Falling into the same routine is a bullet proof way to damage marriage even when the two people are deeply in love. No one wants to do the same thing the same way time and time again. So change up your routine, get out of your couch and do something different, anything, just not the same thing over and over again.

An excellent way to really spice up your love life and get the juices flowing is to invest in some dark sunglasses, hat and head out to a hotel across the town. Preferably in a bad part of town. This makes it more dangerous and adds to the excitement. When you check into the hotel pay with cash cash and check in under an alias names so that it feels like you are committing a crime, doing something wrong. The dirtier the secret the better the romantic encounter will be. I guarantee it!

If possible, find a hotel that has a hot tub or at least an over-sized bath and crawl in it with a glass of wine. Nothing is more sensual than sharing a glass of wine in a warm tub of bubbly water with your loved one. Play little games in the tub, touch each other and talk about your body parts. Comment on how arousing your partner is looking tonight.

After crawling out of the tub if you make it out, find the bed. Find some lotion and give your partner a sensual massage. Begin with the feet and work your way up to their face, stopping along different spots to give some extra tender loving care, if you catch my drift! There is something very sensual about a touch massage and you are guaranteed to have a great night with your partner.

Boredom is a leading cause of problems in relationships. You must make sure that you add some variety and spark into your life. Your love should be fun and not given for granted! If you spice it up and make a reservation at a local hotel you will come back a happier individual!