It can be really difficult to deal with the pain of a break up and maintain a cool head when it feels like your relationship is falling apart. Despite this panic mode that ensues, when you feel like you want to do anything it takes to hold onto her, it’s crucial that you step back and do nothing at all.

This is known as the no contact rule. It’s helpful to implement it in order to give both of you much needed space. During this period of absence you should focus your attention on you in order to build the vital self confidence that is necessary to re attract your ex.

Reconnect with your friends and family and try to get out of your head for a while. Distract yourself with having a good time, whatever that may be for you. You want to create a positive atmosphere and develop a positive attitude. This positive energy is the momentum behind your confidence as it builds.

Make sure to take special care of yourself by eating well and working out so that you can feel good about yourself. Eating balanced meals will give you more energy and exercising releases endorphins for mood enhancement. Keep yourself clean-shaven and well groomed and dress well. Take a step back and look in the mirror, putting yourself in her shoes for a moment. Are you someone that she’d be really attracted to?

You can take this time apart to evaluate your relationship and take into account the things that led to your relationship demise. Any constructive criticisms that your ex made can be addressed in order to become more and more the man that she wants and deserves. All this should be done without losing your genuine self and without trying to become someone you’re not.

During this period of no contact your ex girlfriend will be feeling your absence as well. You’ll be giving her the chance to miss you and realize what she has lost. She’ll be curious what you are giving your attention to instead of her. And when she witnesses the positive change that is occurring in you, she will be tempted to contact you.

However, it’s wise not to try to force her to notice your improvement. In this case she will think you are only doing things to get her back and will be skeptical about whether they are lasting changes. It’s also critical that you don’t announce to her that you are instilling a time period of no contact.

In fact she will most likely not be able to refrain from calling you up to see how you are doing.

Once she does, you are in a position of power, and you must chose your next step very wisely. This is only the beginning of rekindling your relationship. Once you have her avid attention you will have to play your cards right to win back her heart as well.

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