There is no manual for men when it comes to learning how to talk to women. It is not something that can be taught in a class. Men have to learn how to talk to women. Some men become totally speechless when they are around a woman. But talking to women doesn’t have to be nerve wracking.

How to Talk to Women

One thing that a woman dislikes is a guy that she just meets who engages in boring conversation. After all, if your conversation is boring, she just may believe that the relationship will be boring as well. So, you need to mix up the conversation to add some flirting and some humor. Just go easy on the flirting; you don’t want to cross the line. But with this technique, you won’t come across as boring and afraid to loosen up.

If you are afraid to approach a woman, it is really not as hard as it seems. You need to find whatever excuse you can think of to get within talking distance. If you are at a bar, get close to her to order your drink. If you are at a coffee shop, sit at a table near hers. Then start a conversation with something simple but be sure it is a question that requires a yes or no answer. That way, she at least has to acknowledge you. Ask her something like, “This place sure is packed, isn’t it?” If she answers with a pleasant voice, then you can continue talking with her. If she ignores you or does not seem to be interested, then find someone else to chat with.

If you find that the small talk goes well, then share a tidbit of information with her about yourself. Do not start telling her your deep, dark secrets but you can tell her something like what you do for a living. Be sure to be honest with her about what you do for work. Do not tell her that you are a doctor when you are a janitor at a doctor’s office. You certainly do not want to start a possible relationship with a lie.

Being able to talk to a woman is just part of the equation. You have to be able to listen to her when she talks as well. You need to let her know that you are actively listening to her by saying things like, “That is great” or “I see” or “Wow, that is interesting.”

You do not want to compliment her too much. While it is true that women like to be complimented, if you overdo it, she will think you are trying way too hard, way too early to impress her. So while it is nice to throw in a compliment or two during the course of the conversation, complimenting her every 10 minutes is a big turn off.

Women do not like a man who tries to impress her within five minutes of meeting. This makes you look unworthy in her eyes. In fact, you should let her impress you. Women like to talk and laugh and if they like a guy, they will do whatever it takes to impress them.