Before you ever get into a serious relationship it is advisable to talk about your dreams and life goals with your partner. In order to build a strong relationship you need to have things in common which are important to both of you. You both need to be totally honest with each other when sharing your goals and dreams or you will find yourself living with someone you have nothing in common together.

Here are some important goals to talk about and compare your thoughts and answers.

1. Do you both have the same need for money and material possessions? If one of you is happy just getting by and the other has a strong desire for wealth, how will you achieve goals when your partner says, I don’t see the point in working so hard just to get more money. If you want your own business and they are not interested in building one with you, can you live with that?

2. How many children do you dream of having? What are your beliefs in raising them? What if one of you is unable to have children? Would you be willing to adopt a child? Are you ready for children or do you want to wait for several years after marriage to have them? These are questions that must be answered.

3. What do you believe in? Religion? Faith? A higher power? If your religious beliefs are different, it can make life difficult. What will you do when you have children? Which religion will you teach them? It is imperative to find someone that you can grow with and share beliefs and religious goals.

4. Do you dream of traveling the world or are you content to be a home body? Travelers and home bodies do not make great partners as one will always be forced to do what the other wants which will lead to resentments on both parts.

5. Each of you should right down your dreams and goals and then hand them to each other. By doing this you will not find yourself saying you want the same things they want just to keep the peace. Then look through them and see if you have any that coincide. Then if you do, great. Are they important to you? Do you have any goals that are identical? Build, on the ones you have in common. If you find you have absolutely no dreams or goals that are even close you may want to rethink the relationship before it gets too serious.

Follow the tips above to keep yourself from winding up with someone who in all possibilities you will both find yourselves in an unhappy marriage filled with disappointments and unrealized dreams for your life.