Wearing glasses? Is this making you more attractive?Can it be that women really think that guys in glasses are hot?

A recent study about female attraction to males revealed that hormonal changes in a woman’s body make her more attracted to certain types of men at different times during her monthly cycle. Things such as body shape, the symmetry of the body and face, body smell, body posture and the way a guy moves, all have an influence on attractiveness.

A study by scientist Dr. Jeremy Nicholson appearing in the magazine Psychology Today sought to uncover what physical characteristics were attractive to the opposite sex. They were stunned to discover that most of these qualities were things that men could change such as: good grooming, neatness, nice clothes, posture and a healthy weight. We can glean from this, that you don’t need to worry about endlessly pumping iron at the gym or going onto a strict diet to get the perfect male physique. It turns out that simply keeping your nails and hair clean, your weight under control and dressing stylishly, could land you a nice girl.

Dressing well means wearing good quality, well-ironed clothes that compliment your body shape. When a man wears elegant and stylish clothes, he gives off the vibe of somebody who cares about himself and this is sexy. As for posture, here is the cheapest dating advice anybody will ever give you – standing up straight makes you look taller, pushes out your pecs and squares out your shoulders.

Get the Right Specs

After you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s with this advice on grooming and personal maintenance, the next thing to do is get the right glasses. The right pair of specs will accentuate your face, and should make you look more striking than without them. Glasses can give off a subtle message about who you are, and therefore, who you want to attract. A pair of coloured plastic frames could signify your creative and quirky side. A more subtle and lightweight pair of frames could show that you are a sophisticated business type.

Your Glasses are a Flirtation Device

There are countless moments when you can use your glasses to your own advantage with women. The most physically intimidating guy can put on a pair of glasses and seem as approachable and placid as a puppy dog. Guys in glasses give off a certain subtle vulnerability and sweetness that women instantly feel comfortable around. You can make this work to your advantage by taking them off in order to examine something (or her) at close range. What woman doesn’t like to look after a helpless ‘blind as a bat’ type who is finding it difficult to locate his glasses?