Did the common everyday courtesies you used to offer and receive from your partner cease and desist after you two got married? One of the worst things you can do is simply forget about showing your partner respect and just expect. This is your life partner, don’t you think you both deserve to be treated with every respect that strangers get every day from you?

A few years ago I was visiting a girl friend when her husband snapped, “Woman, get me a soda!” That alone shocked me, but what happened next was even more amazing. She jumped up and got it for him. In order to get respect from your partner you must expect it, and not allow them to treat you this way. Now, I personally would have laughed at him for expecting me to get up and get him a soda when he asked for it this way. I would say. I don’t think so. Have you ever heard the word please?

Give your partner respect, and expect it in return. How hard is it to use the same courtesy you used before you were married? These simple everyday courtesies should always be used when asking for anything from your partner.


How hard would it have been to say, honey, I’m so tired, can you please get me a soda?

“Thank You.”

Once they bring it to you, a simple thanks or thank you will let them know you appreciate them.

And . . .

“You’re welcome.”

And when your partner says thank you. It is very simple to say you’re welcome back.

Your life’s partner deserves to be treated with respect. You deserve to be treated with respect. These common courtesy words never go out of style. Use them every day and you will notice a lasting effect on your relationship. Don’t neglect your partner. You must give your partner your time and attention if you expect your relationship to grow and flourish. Married couples need constant reassurance from each other. Make an effort to accommodate your partners emotional and physical needs.

Notice things your partner does for you.

If your partner does something around the house that you normally have to do then be sure to make a big deal about it. Say, thank you so much for doing that. I appreciate it so much. And give them a big hug and kiss.

Spend quality time together

Spend time talking, going for walks or start a hobby together. If you have nothing in common, the relationship can grow boring and you’ll find yourselves off in separate rooms all the time to either avoid each other, or doing something you enjoy that they do not. Before you know it, you will be spending no time at all together.

Keep these tips in mind every day when you’re with your partner. Add new ways to your list to show appreciation and you will find you can’t wait to spend time together.

This is a guest post by Cindy Lee, a marriage consultant and dating expert.