Learn to smile to attract the right partnerA smile has the potential to be like an open door that warmly engages another person or it can be quite the opposite. The intention with which a smile is given and how it is received may match in sentiment or be miles apart.

We may either attract the right partner with our smile or be attracting someone not that well suited to our values, character and needs. Being aware of the way we smile and the impact of it on others can make all the difference to first impressions, particularly if Mr or Mrs Right is just waiting around the next corner.

Non-verbal Communication

Much emphasis is placed on the importance of effective communication. However, non-verbal cues like facial expression and smiling are just as important. There is sometimes a widening gap between a person’s verbal and non-verbal communication, which may cause confusion in interactions with other people.

The same may be true for non-verbal communications when the mouth smiles but the eyes do not. To attract another person we need to engage them with a smiling face and eyes that show an intention to exchange warmth and an invitation to meet. The right partner may then feel more welcomed by an approachable smile.

Types of smiles

Some smiles may be fleeting and friendly, and others may in a moment show an attractive invitation to open communication. To attract the right person these types of smiles should show a genuine interest in the other person with a desire to get to know them.

We generally do not give this kind of smile to someone we would not want to attract as a future partner. Receiving feedback from others we trust about our smile will help us to develop the right kind of smile to attract the special one. Being attentive to others also helps us to be more aware when someone else is trying to show attraction through a smile.

Improving Smiles

Smiles say much about our personal hygiene and pride in self-image too. Keeping the mouth clean and fresh makes us feel good and better about engaging in smiles with others. Good oral health and dental condition enhances attractiveness when smiling. Having a beautiful face but unclean teeth may detract from good impression and put the right person off.

Connecting with Smiles

Being able to successfully connect with another person through a smile takes:

  • A willingness to take a risk
  • Being aware of what we are communicating with our eyes and smile
  • Giving time in an interaction to express the intended interest
  • Taking pride in appearance and the condition of our teeth
  • Sharing the attracting smile with the right person in values, character and needs
  • Being attentive to the smile others are trying to convey
  • Remaining confident in self and expression, and not giving up

Our own negative feelings about ourselves or inferiority may cause us to miss the attraction smile from someone who would be our “right partner”. We may think that our smile will attract the person we deem right for ourselves. However, the other person may have a lot going on in their lives and not always respond to validate our expression of attraction or invitation to engage. Never give up.

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