Do you and your spouse consider yourselves open minded persons and want to add a little spark to your life? Well if the answer to the question is yes, you might want to consider joining a “swing club”. What is a swing club, you may ask? Swing clubs are made up of people that wish to have more than one partner. These groups of people meet sometimes locally and can even spend a vacation together to live out their wildest fantasies.

During these meetings or vacations, a motel or resort is generally reserved for the swingers club, so that the members are free to roam the grounds, looking for new opportunities. Most of the time, everyone has their own room and there will be some kind of code that lets others know whether you are open for “swinging” or not. In many cases it may be open curtains, door or the lights on to let others know that you are ready and willing. You may participate alone or in-groups, whatever tickles your fancy. Whatever you are looking for you are sure to find when vacationing with a swingers group.

There are many activities that go on during the swinger’s vacation: there is something for everyone. Fantasies are brought to life and exploring with others is the name of the game. In some cases there will be open forums in which everyone participates. This is a fantasy of so many people that is never explored for the lack of opportunity. Sometimes there will be informative classes or guidance in order to teach you new techniques or how to explore your body as well as your lovers’. You just might learn how dance on a pole or send your lover in to orbit with a new technique. There is truly something for everyone who attends.

If you are shy, don’t worry. Most people at their first visit are very nervous and are afraid that they will not be accepted. This is nonsense, the swingers are not there to judge you, they are there to live out their fantasies and have a darn good time. There is not time for gossip; they have a much larger agenda than small talk, if you catch my drift! So look it up. Find a group in your area that gets together. Not only can you make some new like-minded friends you can have a wild time.