Talking to girls at parties is pretty easy because there are a group of people around so it is easier to approach her. The things you need to remember is not to use some cheesy pickup line, don’t tell her you are a doctor at the university when in truth you are an office worker at the university and do not be a pig and tell her she has a lovely chest area the minute you sit down.

So how do you start to talk to girls at parties? Well you can walk up to a girl you think you may be interested in and say hi or hello. Do not say hey. That is too causal. That is something you say to your buddies not some girl you just met. If she responds with a smile, great. If she looks like she is trying to ignore you or just gets up and leaves, you may want to move on to someone else. Do not try and stalk her to get her to talk to you. It is obvious that she doesn’t so don’t force the issue.

If she seems interested in talking to you, then a conversation should just come naturally. Since you are both at the same party, ask her if she knows the host of the party. Then let the conversation go where it will from there. Remember this about women, women love it when guys listen. Now I don’t mean to pretend you are listening because girls know when you are listening and when you are just pretending to listen. But really listen to what she has to say. This is really the only way you will get to know her. Ask what her passions are and what her interests are.

How to talk to girls: watch a video

Now here is where an uncomfortable situation comes in and what you can do about it. If you are sitting there talking with her, laughing and have a good time. Then all of a sudden, a guy comes up to her and sits next to her with two drinks in his hand and hands her one. And she says something like, “Thank you, honey.” Looks like she forgot to tell you she had a boyfriend. Don’t panic. If this happens, just start a conversation with him as well. Then after a minute or two, excuse yourself and walk off.

If you find you are lacking confidence, don’t worry since that will come in time. It is like riding a bike; the more you practice, the better you will get. You have to remember that not every girl is going to like you but don’t take that personally. Different girls have different taste in men. Do not try and act like you think she wants you to act. Just be yourself and if she doesn’t like you for who you are, then she is the one missing out, not you. Sooner or later you will find a girl you like and who will like you back.