In many relationships, the time comes when you wonder if you should keep trying or if you should just let go. Although not all relationships will work, it is important to get a true idea of what is best for you before you decide to end things for good. Before you decide to end your relationship, take the time to think over the following questions:

Is this the ideal time for me to give up this relationship?

Timing is everything. It is important for you to know whether the current time is for holding on or letting go. Timing can be especially important if children are involved. Kids will be deeply impacted in a breakup, and this should weigh heavily on your decision.

Is the relationship worth saving?

Is there still enough love inside you for your partner to make you want to stay? If so, and if your partner feels the same, you should fight for the relationship. This can be an excellent opportunity to start fresh and build your relationship back to a strong and satisfying one.

Is it possible to really let go?

The decision to break up should never be an impulsive one. If you end the relationship and then get back together, it is highly unlikely that you will ever enjoy the same level of trust and security as before. Take a careful inventory of the good and bad points of both staying involved and in ending the relationship. Listen carefully to what your heart is saying and give it plenty of thought until you have made a decision that you can live with for life.

Is the love still strong enough?

If both you and your partner still feel a very strong love for one another, it is probably not time to break up. Instead, you probably need to work on identifying and overcoming your difficulties so you can rebuild the trust and intimacy. If one or both of you has lost the love it takes to be together, you need to end the relationship and start healing.

Are you ready to give it all up?

Anytime a relationship ends, you lose something. Carefully weight your physical, mental, and emotional losses when considering your options. Regardless of what happens, this person already has a piece of you and has affected who you are as a person. They have also become an integral part of your daily life. If you and your partner are highly compatible in a number of areas, it can be extremely difficult to cope with the loss of the relationship.

These are but a few of the many things you must consider when deciding whether to save or end a relationship. The longer and closer the relationship has been, the more time you should spend carefully thinking about your decision. Unless abuse, infidelity, or addiction are the damaging issues, there aren’t many things that can’t be worked out when both parties are in love and willing to work together.

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