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It’s Time to Give Up On Mr. Perfect

Still looking for Mister Perfect?While browsing a list of handsome guys on a dating site, it’s easy to get whisked away by the idea of finding that perfect man who looks good, makes a ton of money and gives you everything you could ever ask for in life. The reality, unfortunately, is that everyone has faults. Yes, everyone. Even your best friend’s seemingly-perfect husband has faults.

It’s natural to hope for that perfect, fault-less man while you’re first getting your feet wet in the dating world, but there comes a time and place to realize that Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as perfect. There’s close to perfect. There’s striving for perfection. In the long run, those two qualities actually mean more than perfection. Why? Because the man who thinks he’s perfect usually acts like an asshole anyways.

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Your Personal Free Psychic Reading

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted every possible avenue for finding the Great Love of your life? It might be time to try something you’ve never considered, like a psychic reading.

It’s fair to be skeptical, but a good psychic can see parts of you that you keep locked away. The parts that are preventing you from finding the true happiness you seek.

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and you might discover that the man or woman you’re meant to marry is already in your life or discover where you’ll meet them. Perhaps there’s something blocking you and keeping you from truly committing to the relationship that will make you happy forever? The psychic will uncover it for you and put you on the road to healing.

If nothing else has worked you should definitely try something new. Most important, it’s free so there’s no harm in trying. You never know, it might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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3 Keys to Relationship Happiness

Advice abounds on what it takes to have a happy relationship, covering all different areas of the union. Some of the advice is not so great, as it is based on narrow definitions of what a relationship should be like. Some of it is pretty solid, as it addresses core issues that need to be in line for any two people to get on well, especially if they are in a romantic relationship.

I enjoy writing about personal development and ways people can be happier, which has been gleaned from my experiences on my own journey and while I am no expert or guru, I think my inner work has helped me in sustaining a very good romantic relationship. I would like to share what helps me and my loved one be a strong, happy, couple and while I am imperfect and do not take my own advice every time, I do it enough to make things good!

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