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eHarmony Review – a Must Try Online Dating Site

eHarmony is one of the most popular matchmaking sites in the world for singles looking for stable, serious, long term relationships. If you were looking for a site that has a high population of mature adults and a high population of quality mature adults, you’ve found what you were looking for.

eHarmony - THE matchmaking site

eHarmony is also one of the largest dating sites out there. It isn’t focused on only mature adults, of course, but it does boast one of the largest senior/mature adult populations among all types of dating sites combined. It also requires a fairly high membership fee which weeds out many of the bad apples. Interestingly enough, eHarmony is also one of the few sites where women outnumber the men by a significant amount.

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10 Safety Tips for Dating Seniors

Seniors are a major participants of the dating traffic over the internet nowadays. Listed below are 10 tips which may help them carry out a safe dating.

1. Make sure you don’t uncover yourself too early in the game of meeting new people. There exist some deceitful characters, whose aim is to make friends, retrieve information, and then trick them.

2. When joining a site, never use your personal email in dating purposes for your safety. No doubt that some sites do provide a provision of a free tour, but it’s always better to become a member. Dating sites keep original information about their members, so it’s always advisable never to date non-member persons who are just here to trick innocent people.

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