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Online Dating: Doing Something More Exciting Than Talking About The Weather

Why talking about weather when you can do something way more exciting?Meeting prospective partners online is simple enough. Chatting with them for the first couple times is also fairly straightforward. But what comes next? If you’re not ready to meet them in person yet or unable to, how do you keep the growing friendship/relationship exciting while still in that crucial ‘getting to know each other’ phase? It’s easy to ask them in person to see a movie or concert, but what can you do when you’re stuck online and actually want to do something?

With a bit of creativity and knowledge of the person you’re chatting with, it’s actually quite possible to think of a whole lot of things to do online. Chatting in real time via instant messaging services or even video chat is one great option that lets you share a closer and non-delayed bond. Another option is to share in an enjoyable activity online.

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Are You Talking Too Much?

Couple on a dateYesterday I was thinking about how important it is to get to know someone before meeting in person, and suddenly it struck me. You might find disagreement with this sentiment, but communicating too much can actually do you a bad service.


Because you re unable to replicate the way you respond to someone in person. Because so much of what attracts us to another person happens on a subconscious, lizard brain level. You have no control over it, and you just need to meet in person before you can know if you’ve found the right one. Yes, it’s one great failure of online dating. And that’s why it makes little sense to spends weeks or even months communicating via text, email, or even webcam.

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Four Crucial Red Flags to Watch Out For Online

Red flags in online relationshipsGetting to know a potential partner on an online dating site is risky business. There’s so much both parties need to learn about each other. Establishing trust is more important than ever in a world where not everyone is who they seem.

To help protect ourselves, we need to be aware of what red flags are out there and how we can use them to avoid a potentially disastrous relationship. Here are four crucial red flags you should be aware of when getting to know a man online:

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How to Make Small Talk with a Girl

Young Couple Having A Small TalkKnowing the best way on how to make small talk with a girl is not as tough as it sounds. Just follow the tips below and you will be a pro in no time. Just remember, that talking about the weather is not being a pro, unless she is a meteorologist.

So here is a scenario for you. You are at the doctor’s office in the waiting room and you make eye contact with a girl across the room. She has shiny blond hair, bright green eyes and a beautiful smile. You want to go talk to her but you feel like you are going to start sweating, you feel like your heart is racing 90 miles an hour and your stomach begins to churn.

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Long-Distance Relationships: 4 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Long-distance relationships are hard to deal with even if couples may have successfully managed any difficulties. There would surely be challenges along the way that caused either or both the parties a great deal of stress or depression. Even so, with just an unwavering patience and trust mixed with their undying love for each other then they would certainly last. To help out these couples, here are some advices to keep their bond strong even if the distance between them seems so far away.

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First Date Confidence Boosters

The dating world can be rough-rife with rejection, people still clinging to their ex and bad matches to name a few issues. Our ego is easily bruised and we are particularly vulnerable when it comes to romance and dating. With each new person we meet, that spark of hope that this may be the one burns strong. We may get very anxious, hoping the person will like us. We all have confidence issues to some degree and it is natural to be a bit nervous but when it is more extreme, it can really hamper our efforts at finding love. Here are some tips to boost confidence on that first date that worked well for me when I was out on the dating scene.

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3 Keys to Relationship Happiness

Advice abounds on what it takes to have a happy relationship, covering all different areas of the union. Some of the advice is not so great, as it is based on narrow definitions of what a relationship should be like. Some of it is pretty solid, as it addresses core issues that need to be in line for any two people to get on well, especially if they are in a romantic relationship.

I enjoy writing about personal development and ways people can be happier, which has been gleaned from my experiences on my own journey and while I am no expert or guru, I think my inner work has helped me in sustaining a very good romantic relationship. I would like to share what helps me and my loved one be a strong, happy, couple and while I am imperfect and do not take my own advice every time, I do it enough to make things good!

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Talking to girls at parties is pretty easy because there are a group of people around so it is easier to approach her. The things you need to remember is not to use some cheesy pickup line, don’t tell her you are a doctor at the university when in truth you are an office worker at the university and do not be a pig and tell her she has a lovely chest area the minute you sit down.

So how do you start to talk to girls at parties? Well you can walk up to a girl you think you may be interested in and say hi or hello. Do not say hey. That is too causal. That is something you say to your buddies not some girl you just met. If she responds with a smile, great. If she looks like she is trying to ignore you or just gets up and leaves, you may want to move on to someone else. Do not try and stalk her to get her to talk to you. It is obvious that she doesn’t so don’t force the issue.

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The Best Way to Talk to a Girl for the First Time

Men find it very challenging to talk to a girl for the first time. In a crowd of many people, there’s always one person who will catch your eye. When that moment comes, you must know what to do to introduce yourself. Being single is the best time to meet people. So if you are currently out of a relationship, you should go out and have fun. Use this chance to mingle with others and meet girls. Read these tips to successfully have a conversation with any girl you like.

Offer a drink and act naturally
Girls like special treatment. Offering a drink is a gesture that would demonstrate your appreciation of their presence. Normally, they will refuse because you are a stranger. To make this strategy work, introduce yourself first before offering a drink. If they still decline, respect their decision. Start a conversation instead.

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How to Talk to Girls on the Street

Most guys are scared to approach a woman for the first time almost anywhere but especially so on the street. It is not because they haven’t thought about it. I am sure that every guy out there has seen a cute girl on the street and wanted to go up to her and talk to her but was too shy or embarrassed. It is not really that difficult, however.

The first thing you need to remember is that anywhere you go, talking to a girl for the first time may seem a bit awkward. So whether it is the coffee shop or Main Street, you have to know what you are doing. You don’t want to just approach her and scare the crap out of her so that she thinks you are some weirdo. The way you approach her will be the difference between her telling her friends about the nice guy she meet in front of the coffee shop or telling them about the creepy dude who approached her in front of the coffee shop.

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