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A Partners Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Ring

If you are someone who is deeply invested in making sure that the wedding ring you pick is the one that will make you happy no matter when you look at it, there are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind. The truth of the situation is that there is no one perfect wedding ring; there is only the wedding ring that is perfect for you! Remember some of these tips when you head out for the jewelers.

When Can You Wear Your Wedding Ring?
The common trope about wedding rings is that they are of course worn all the time. In movies, taking them off is only a sign of great distress or disaster. In real life, however, you may not be able to wear your wedding ring all the time unless it follows a few important rules. If you work with machinery, for example, you must be ready to take your wedding ring off every day before work, or it must need to be made of very soft gold, which will tear away rather than taking your finger off with it in the case of an industrial accident.

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