A couple resolving their disputeWhen it comes to relationships it’s really important to understand that it isn’t always easy to live with someone else even though you have many things in common. But love is essentially about compromising, in fact you need to entirely accept your partner, that is to say his qualities but also all the things that he doesn’t do right. Here are some valuable tips on how you can make your home a better place for you and your man.

Learn to Understand your Man

The common mistake of human beings is that we all like to be understood before trying to understand others. But if you try to do the opposite, that is to say listening and understanding others before wanting to be understood, then you’ll see that you’ll communicate better with others. You can try to apply this principle with your partner and you’ll see that the communication between you and your lover will be improved.

How to Tackle Dispute Within your Couple

It’s really important to know your partner; to know what he does and doesn’t like, but also the kind of things that can attract his attention overall, like the tone you should use when talking to him and so on. For instance if you call your partner ‘sweetheart’ make sure that during more serious discussions you call him by his first name instead to show that you really need him to be attentive to what you’re about to say.

Albert Einstein once said “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”, so if you have an argument with your partner, there’s no need to try and solve it straight away. In fact, by doing so there are more chances for you to make things worse so just go out for a walk, have some fresh air and when you come back you’ll be able to talk without anyone shouting.

When you go back home the best way of approaching things is by letting him speak first, and don’t talk at the same time as him. In fact, make sure you listen carefully to what he is saying. Then, when it’s your turn to speak, speak with a very calm voice, because there are more chances for him to listen to you if you speak with a low and composed voice than if you speak loudly. In fact, if your partner can’t hear you properly because you’re speaking softly, he will pay more attention so that he can hear what you’re saying. This technique is also used by psychologists, to keep the attention of their patients.

Talking About your Partner’s Family

If you have an issue with a member of his family and you need your partner’s help to solve it, you need to find a wise way to approach him. First of all, try to put yourself in his shoes, in fact you’d never allow anyone to criticize a member of your family even if that criticism is founded.

Here is a way of tackling that type of situation; first make sure you’re not unpleasant with him because you must remember that he is not responsible for what has happened; so sit down together in a quiet place and tell him very quietly what has happened, so you’ll reach an agreement and he can take it from there.

You’ll Only Receive What you Give

In love you only receive what you give, meaning that if you show love and affection to your partner he will show you even more love, that’s why it’s really important to know all the things he likes. So don’t hesitate to show attention and tenderness to your man as this will make him realize how lucky he is to have you and he will do his best to make you happy.

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