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Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me? 5 Signs To Look For

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably at least somewhat suspicious of your boyfriend.  You may not have any surefire reason to think he might be cheating on you, or you may already be fairly certain…. either way, this article will help you identify any potential infidelity.

Before we dive into the signs you should look for in your boyfriend, keep this in mind:  it’s natural for both men and women to feel jealous in a relationship, especially if you haven’t had time to build trust with one another.  And even if you do trust your boyfriend, you can still sometimes feel that jealousy anyway – it’s just human nature.

Given the explosive potential of a confrontation with your partner regarding infidelity, you’ll want to be very certain of your boyfriend’s cheating ways before you even consider accusing him to his face.

Now, what are some signs that indicate your man might be cheating on you with some other chick?

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4 Main Causes of Relationship Failure

Have you ever wondered why such a large percentage of romantic relationships end up failing miserably? Ever thought that perhaps a significant portion of breakups might be preventable?

In my experience, there are a few common things that typically derail relationships. These problems are what I’m going to focus on in this article.

Now, if you do a bit of reading on the topic, you’ll find a lot of dating websites will say, “It’s because of poor communication!” or “you two aren’t psycho-socially compatible!”

Errr… right. Ok. Whatever that means.

Research has shown that more than 85% of all breakups are caused by a “fundamental loss of attraction”. No, I’m not talking about just sexual attraction… I’m talking about just “attraction” in general.

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10 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Is the “happy ever after effect” on the decline? More and more women are becoming disillusioned with previously acceptably boring but happy lives. There are some very common reasons that could send a women right out the front door and into the arms of somebody new and exciting.

1. Not Again!
Being with one person for a long period of time can lead to the bedroom bore. A monotonous sex life is at the root of most affairs. The prospect of the same position, same time, same bed, same room week in and week out can be just too much to bear. It was ok in the beginning but now it is nothing more than a chore. There has got to be more excitement to be had elsewhere.
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How to Forgive a Cheating Lover

Finding out that your spouse has cheated is a huge test of your relationship – and for many people, it’s the end of the road. However, if you decide that you can carry on and look past your partner’s fall from grace, there are ways to ensure you don’t get stuck obsessing over their previous (and hopefully only) slip-up. However, nothing’s easy – this isn’t as simple as booking a romantic weekend at a B&B and hoping that after two days of breakfast in bed, everything’s OK. It probably won’t be – so you need to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure that your relationship can stand the distance.

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How to Build Trust in a Relationship After Cheating

Being cheated on by your spouse who promised fidelity and took the vow ‘until death do us part’ is surely one of the hardest things for a person to digest, deal with and accept. It is difficult for the person who was cheated on to understand why their partner would cheat.

Why did they cheat on me?

It is very painful to know that you can easily be replaced and that your partner had gone elsewhere for love and affection. Lots of times the person cheated on may feel that they probably are not attractive to their partner anymore. What is a person to do though after being cheated on? Do they supposed to just make up and go on with life again? Do they shove it to one side and forgive their partner and live in mistrust? Should they just be a good husband or wife and give their partner another chance?

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