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How to choose the perfect Valentine’s bouquet for your beau

Vintage Valentines RosesGentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Whether you’ve been dreading it for months after countless hints or have only just realised it’s happening, there’s no avoiding it – Valentine’s Day is upon us. We don’t like to deal in stereotypes but, unless you’re a botanist or a landscape gardener, the odds are that you don’t know a tulip from a turnip. Even if you’ve got a grasp of the floral basics, picking out the perfect Valentine’s bouquet for your one and only ain’t a walk in the park. For example, you might know she loves a classy, minimalist look – but you may not realise that white lilies are almost exclusively associated with funerals…not so romantic now, are they?

If you are flummoxed by flowers, don’t panic. We’ve created this helpful guide to ensure you choose the perfect posy to make your petal swoon (and keep her sweet for a fortnight at least).

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5 Tips for Buying a Christmas Present for your Boyfriend

How to buy a Christmas presentKnowing exactly what to people for Christmas is a gift in itself, particular when it comes to choosing for your partner. Do you opt for something expensive and extravagant? Or keep to something sentimental and priceless? If you need a little inspiration this winter, read on for 5 tips for buying a Christmas present your boyfriend will love.

1. Do some detective work
The best Christmas gifts are those that take the recipient by surprise, in a good way. If you’ve only been dating for few weeks, there’s probably plenty of scope to uncover more about him. Talk to his friends and family if possible, and find out more about his interests and passions. Perhaps you can find out what his favorite film was when he was a child and buy him limited edition artwork or signed merchandise. Is there something your partner has dreamt of doing since he was a little kid, such as taking a tour around his football team’s stadium? Gift experiences make brilliant surprise gifts and something to look forward to in the future of your relationship.

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Top 5 Gifts Men Should NOT Buy Their Girlfriend for Christmas

Believe me guys… This little guide might help you get your relationship past Christmas avoiding any discussions on ‘Is that how much you love me? You bought me the cheapest perfume from the drug store at the corner? SERIOUSLY?’

A bad Xmas present

Don’t lie, this has surely happened to you at least once. Therefore, I have listed down couple of NO-GO Christmas presents for your girlfriend, as there are already tons of resources on ‘what to buy your girlfriend for Christmas… bla bla bla…

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