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4 Main Causes of Relationship Failure

Have you ever wondered why such a large percentage of romantic relationships end up failing miserably? Ever thought that perhaps a significant portion of breakups might be preventable?

In my experience, there are a few common things that typically derail relationships. These problems are what I’m going to focus on in this article.

Now, if you do a bit of reading on the topic, you’ll find a lot of dating websites will say, “It’s because of poor communication!” or “you two aren’t psycho-socially compatible!”

Errr… right. Ok. Whatever that means.

Research has shown that more than 85% of all breakups are caused by a “fundamental loss of attraction”. No, I’m not talking about just sexual attraction… I’m talking about just “attraction” in general.

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10 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Is the “happy ever after effect” on the decline? More and more women are becoming disillusioned with previously acceptably boring but happy lives. There are some very common reasons that could send a women right out the front door and into the arms of somebody new and exciting.

1. Not Again!
Being with one person for a long period of time can lead to the bedroom bore. A monotonous sex life is at the root of most affairs. The prospect of the same position, same time, same bed, same room week in and week out can be just too much to bear. It was ok in the beginning but now it is nothing more than a chore. There has got to be more excitement to be had elsewhere.
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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

It can be really difficult to deal with the pain of a break up and maintain a cool head when it feels like your relationship is falling apart. Despite this panic mode that ensues, when you feel like you want to do anything it takes to hold onto her, it’s crucial that you step back and do nothing at all.

This is known as the no contact rule. It’s helpful to implement it in order to give both of you much needed space. During this period of absence you should focus your attention on you in order to build the vital self confidence that is necessary to re attract your ex.

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4 Things That Ruin Happy Relationships

Although there are many reasons that relationships can go sour, for the most part, when an otherwise happy relationship starts to falter the reasons may not be so clear. Sometimes the reason could be large and obvious, but most of the time the problem is the culmination of many small things, some of which the couple didn’t even realize were an issue. Here are four things that might be secretly causing stress in a relationship, as well a few practical tips on how to overcome them:

1. Familiarity

One of the sure fire ways to kill a happy relationship is to grow too familiar with each other. It is one thing to find someone that you can be yourself around; that is one of the most beautiful things in the world. However, it is another thing to start taking that person for granted and showing this familiarity and lack of respect in ways such as forgetting to do the little things that make your partner happy, getting so comfortable you feel you can “be gross” around him or her, or letting yourself go and not keeping up your physical appearance or health.

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Is It Time to End Your Relationship?

In many relationships, the time comes when you wonder if you should keep trying or if you should just let go. Although not all relationships will work, it is important to get a true idea of what is best for you before you decide to end things for good. Before you decide to end your relationship, take the time to think over the following questions:

Is this the ideal time for me to give up this relationship?

Timing is everything. It is important for you to know whether the current time is for holding on or letting go. Timing can be especially important if children are involved. Kids will be deeply impacted in a breakup, and this should weigh heavily on your decision.

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